Hard to believe, when you listen to the chortlings of the Mail’s hilarious agony aunt-and-uncle act, Steph and Dom Parker, that anything much could really bother them.

Bound by an irreverent sense of humour and an apparently telepathic understanding of each other’s moods, their marriage has been marinating in gin and tonic for 20 years. A love so pickled can never fade away.

But what nobody grasped when the couple first meandered woozily into the spotlight on Gogglebox in 2013 was how deeply their family life is affected by their 18-year-old son Max’s severe disability.

Their amiable, devil-may-care chunter is a defence mechanism, we discovered in Steph & Dom: Can Cannabis Save Our Son? (C4), as they discussed the heartache of watching their child suffer dozens of life-threatening epileptic fits every day.

‘We’ve had great sadness for a very long time and great pain, and we carry it daily,’ Steph said. ‘We just hide it very well through laughter.’

Any parent whose son or daughter has a severe medical condition will know the impossible dilemma torturing this couple: the cocktail of medication controlling Max’s symptoms causes significant side-effects, but without the drugs his fits might become even more debilitating.

An extra dimension to this torture was added by rumours of a miracle treatment — cannabis oil. Reports from the States claimed that some epileptic children had been completely cured.

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