A potential manufacturing deal between a futuristic new electric car company and a condemned General Motors plant may help save both jobs and the environment.

According to Bloomberg, Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp. is in talks to begin manufacturing its cutting-edge three-wheeled car, ‘Solo,’ in Oshawa, Ontario – where 3,000 people were slated to be laid off as a part of GM’s global restructuring.

The firm has made a big splash with its single-rider electric vehicle over the past few years, and has so far logged 23,000 reservations form the public as of last December. 

Combined with the company’s larger model, the Tofino, a two-seat electric vehicle, Solo accounts for a formidable $2.4 billion in backlogged orders overall.

And with the Solo’s stature comes an even smaller price tag of just $15,500, that add to a host of other specs.

The Solo is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can go 100 miles on a charge.

It takes three hours to fully charge the battery using a 220-volt outlet or six hours using a 110-volt outlet, and has a top speed of 80 mph, going from zero to 60 mph in 8 seconds.

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