Married At First Sight’s Tamara Joy confronted Jessika Power and Daniel Webb over their affair during Sunday night’s reunion episode – but the scene never aired on TV.

A furious Tamara, 30, stormed over to the couple and demanded answers, but for some reason footage of their argument was left on the cutting room floor.

Only a glimpse of their confrontation was shown, perhaps accidentally, when the three of them could be seen arguing in the background as Cyrell Paule spoke to Michael Brunelli at the dinner table.

They appeared on screen for just a split second, and it’s the only evidence available that Tamara did at least try to confront Jessika and Dan at the dinner party.

Why producers decided to edit out this tense argument remains a mystery.

Interestingly, earlier in the episode, Cyrell told Tamara that ‘out of all the females here, [she] should be the angriest’ at Jessika.

This would suggest that Tamara’s unaired argument with Jessika and Dan hadn’t happened yet, or Cyrell was not aware of it.

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