The inaugural season finale of The Conners left more questions than answers as many characters came to crossroads in their lives and relationships.

On Tuesday’s episode, Darlene’s (Sara Gilbert) relationship with her boss Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) was disrupted after her estranged husband, David (Johnny Galecki) – the father of her daughter Harris (Emma Kenney) and son Mark (Ames McNamara) – crept back into the picture.

On last week’s episode, Ben asked Darlene and her kids to move in with him as he planned to move to Chicago. Darlene seemed to be leaning toward this, getting her father Dan’s (John Goodman) blessing on Tuesday’s show.

The situation got complicated, however, when David came back and said that he’d split up with his girlfriend Blue (Juliette Lewis) because she wanted kids – and hoped to reconcile the marriage.

‘David you think you can come in here and I can just drop everything, are you high?’ she said. ‘It’s too late! The kids are gonna be an hour away and I’ll make sure you can see them on a regular basis.’

David asked her, ‘Are you really going to bail on me to move in with some stranger?’

A rattled Darlene stayed committed to Ben as David told her he loved her, but later broke off the plans to move to the Windy City with him, using Dan’s fragile state as a widower as an excuse. (His wife Roseanne, played by Roseanne Barr, was killed off at the start of the season by a storyline overdose after she was fired by ABC over a racist tweet.)

‘I definitely want to move in with you but I just can’t leave my dad alone right now – he’s too vulnerable,’ said Darlene, who went on to tell Ben that she loves him.

The change of plans crossed up Harris, who boasted how she ‘burned so many bridges to the ground’ with the expected move.

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