‘There goes the knighthood!’: Jack Whitehall ‘absolutely died’ after hearing Prince Charles say he wasn’t impressed by his ‘terrible’ stand-up gig

Jack Whitehall has admitted he ‘absolutely died’ after hearing Prince Charles say he wasn’t impressed by his ‘terrible’ stand-up gig at a royal Christmas party.

The comedian, 30, recalled how he was chosen as the entertainment for the future King’s annual festive bash for his staff, but the gig turned into a disaster after his jokes failed to raise a laugh and ‘nobody applauded’.

Speaking in a forthcoming appearance on Saturday night’s Jonathan Ross Show, Jack explained: ‘It was an honour to be asked to do the Christmas party of Prince Charles.

‘He throws [his staff] a Christmas party each year and I was the entertainment that year.

‘It’s the weirdest gig ever. I walk out, first thing that’s weird is that they’re sat in the front row, Charles and Camilla, in thrones.

‘Also, don’t sit in the front row because that’s your get-out-of-jail-free card as a comic, [you pick on the front row], you ask them what they do for a living… I can’t ask Prince Charles what he does for a living!’

He continued: ‘[It was a] small room, maybe forty people, all of my material was terrible. I absolutely died!

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