It seems Samsung may have found another challenger in the race to develop a folding phone.

Chinese tech giant TCL, which acquired the BlackBerry brand in 2016, is set to unveil a flexible phone that can bend around your wrist to become a pseudo-smartwatch, CNET reported.

TCL is said to have at least four other folding devices in the works, including two tablets and two smartphones.

A number of renderings obtained by CNET show concepts of what the folding devices may look like.

In one image, TCL presents a tall, thin smartphone that can transform into a smartwatch worn around the user’s wrist.

Few other details are known about how the device would operate, other than a screen that appears to wrap around the full length of the wearer’s wrist.

Another device shown in the renders can be folded inwards or outwards, by bending from the middle.

When it’s folded open, the phone appears to be the size of a small tablet.

A third device shown in the renders is also tall and skinny, but can fold open and closed in the middle like a flip phone.

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