A tailor’s fingers ‘erupted’ in ulcers and her fingernails fell off because of a painful condition which makes her digits extremely sensitive to the cold.

Alex Busby, from Warwickshire, suffers from Raynaud’s, a common phenomenon which can cause serious damage if left untreated.

Her symptoms began with what she thought was poor circulation, with parts of her body turning purple when cold, but ended up with painful ulcers on her hands.

She now has clubbed fingers, meaning she has had to relearn how to sew, and her hands are sometimes so painful they wake her up at night.

Ms Busby is sharing her story to warn people to tell their doctor if they think they might have the condition before it’s too late.

Things came to a head for Ms Busby in December 2018, when painful ulcers sprang up all over her fingers.

Soon after, the ulcers ‘erupted’ and she raced to the doctors, where she was diagnosed with Raynaud’s.

The condition, which is thought to affect up to one in five people, makes blood vessels in the hands and feet incredibly sensitive to cold.

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