A boy who developed a grapefruit-sized tumour on his spine while in the womb has defied doctors’ expectations to survive.

Harry Morris, now six months old, could have been aborted when his parents Maria, 27, and Jack, 25, found out about the growth on his back.

Ultrasound scans showed he had a huge teratoma tumour growing out of his body, but Mrs Morris refused to have a termination after it was suggested by a doctor.

Born by caesarean section in October, two months premature, Harry had to have a nine-hour operation to remove the tumour – which was never cancerous – but he has since recovered.

Mrs Morris, from Leigh in Wigan, Greater Manchester, had gone for a scan to try and find out the sex of their baby but were shocked to find out much more sinister news.

When it revealed the large tumour growing from the baby boy’s tailbone, she was advised to terminate the pregnancy.

The tumour was so large it was pressing on his internal organs, restricting his blood flow and putting extra pressure on his heart and leaving him with slim survival odds.

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