Married at First Sight is over for another year, so admit it: the emotional rollercoaster and toxic personalities of ‘reality’ TV have left you feeling empty. And exhausted.

If you’re craving something brighter that will actually bring some positivity and optimism to your worldview can we make a suggestion? The Bold Type has returned exclusively to Stan today for its third season, and it is exactly what you should stream next.

Harking back to the golden days of magazine publishing, The Bold Type follows three best friends – Sutton, Jane and Kat – as they traverse the ups and downs of life and love in New York City, while climbing the ranks at glossy fashion magazine, Scarlet.

If that sounds fun and frivolous – it is. And that’s precisely why the show has built a loyal legion of fans over its first two seasons.

The Bold Type doesn’t shy away from the escapist elements of the fashion industry: the gigantic fashion closet full of incredible designer threads; the extravagant parties with high-profile guests; the fact that three women in their mid-20s, working in media, apparently have salaries large enough to afford spacious, chic apartments and new outfits every day.

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