The shocking state of Britain’s coastlines has once again been revealed, with a band of litter pickers finding more than 400 items of rubbish strewn on a beach in just one hour. 

Among the items picked up by the Lincolnshire team were bits of balloon, plastic bags, cotton bud sticks, cigarette butts, plastic netting and even knickers – in yet another sad indictment of Britain’s throwaway culture.      

Around 80 local children – ranging from two to eight years old – and about 20 adults scoured the expanse of sand on Mablethorpe Beach on January 21. 

Around 13 garments were found, including two pairs of women’s pants, several full dog poo bags and one dirty nappy.  

The group combed a stretch of beach about half a mile long and 33 feet (10metres) wide, filling 27 bags estimated to weigh around 33 pounds (15kg).

Alison Green, 63, is a marketing volunteer for Mablethorpe in Bloom, which organised the tidy-up.

The retired teacher said: ‘It’s so shocking when you look at it. The plastic bags could have got into the mouths of animals and they could end up dying.

‘We picked up full bags of dog poo, so people had picked it up, put it in the bag but then dumped it on the beach. I get so frustrated by that.’

The litter warriors also found numerous plastic and glass drinks bottles and aluminium cans.

Ms Green, who has lived in nearby Theddlethorpe since 1994, added: ‘The amount of litter on the beach is getting worse.

‘People are getting lazier about picking up their rubbish.

‘When I first came here, I used to go down and the beach was quite pleasant and clean.

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