Looking for a new show to binge-watch over the weekend?

Cancel your plans, because the highly anticipated series Hanna is now available on Amazon Prime Video and it seems everyone is already talking about it.

If you hadn’t heard the whispers circulating in the lead up to the show’s March 29 premiere date, Hanna centres on a 16-year-old girl who has been raised by her father in complete isolation in a Polish forest and trained in very specific survival and combat skills.

Her life is completely disrupted when a mysterious CIA agent arrives to capture Hanna, forcing the father-daughter duo to separate and flee their secluded forest home.

Hanna is on the run, but armed with those kick-ass self-defence skills she won’t go down easy – in just the second episode you’ll see her take down an entire squad of secret agents who attempt to turn the teen over to the CIA.

Australian YouTube star Brittney Saunders is already an early fan of the show, telling her followers: ‘[Hanna] is a weapon!’

‘She’s just a badass, independent young girl… I want to watch the next episode now!’

The fascinating coming-of-age story meets gripping action thriller has already hooked viewers, with reactions to the first episodes an indication of the wild ride to come.

One viewer predicted the show would be an addictive hit, explaining: ‘They keep you hooked in by slowly revealing little things about [Hanna].’

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