Studio 10 made headlines this week after stand-in host Yumi Stynes accused Kerri-Anne Kennerley of being ‘racist’ during a clash over Invasion Day protests. 

And now the program’s former executive producer Rob McKnight has come out swinging against Yumi, 43, claiming that she has no place on morning television.   

‘I’ve never met Yumi Stynes and for all I know she is a kind, gentle soul who cares deeply for those around her,’ he wrote on his website TV BlackBox on Monday. 

‘However, her onscreen persona does not portray her in that light and today’s showdown with Kerri-Anne Kennerley is why I never allowed her to appear on Studio 10 when I was the Executive Producer from 2013 – 2017,’ he added. 

Rob also said he was wary of booking Yumi in light of infamous comments she made about decorated war hero Ben Roberts-Smith, 40, on The Circle back in 2012. 

During a segment on the now-axed breakfast show, Yumi and host George Negus, 76, angered viewers when they suggested that Roberts-Smith was brainless and ‘not up to it in the sack’. 

Yumi issued a public apology, claiming that she underestimated ‘how much her joke was would not be appreciated’, but the show was soon axed by Ten. 

‘If Yumi and the producers had handled that whole situation differently the show could still be on air today,’ Rob wrote.   

Yumi and 65-year-old Kerri-Anne’s feud began on Monday during a Studio 10 panel discussion about Invasion Day protests. 

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