A new documentary is set to show viewers what’s lurking below deck on a mega cruise ship.

The 90-minute one-off show, called Secrets of the Mega Cruise Ship and airing on Channel 5 tonight, explores how the £1billion MSC Seaside operates.

In an exclusive sneak peek shared with MailOnline Travel, the ship’s giant laundry room can be seen, along with a big waste pipe where excess food is thrown into the water to ‘feed the fish’.

The ship’s executive chef Thomas Ulrich explains: ‘It’s recycling in a nice way, isn’t it?’

In another clip, the ship’s engineering room is shown, and the camera also gains access to the bridge to see how the mammoth vessel is controlled.

Returning to the laundry room, one worker laughs as she highlights how important having freshly washed linens and clothing is to the running of the ship.

‘This is huge, without the laundry there’s nothing gonna [sic] happen,’ she chimes.

The MSC Seaside, which launched in 2017, is the 18th biggest cruise ship in the world.

It weighs 153,516 tons and can accommodate 5,179 passengers, along with 1,500 crew.

Such a big ship requires everything to be done on a mass scale, as the yet-to-air documentary shows.

‘This is one of the most huge generators in the world,’ one worker says from the depths of the engineering room, while chef Ulrich highlights that ‘any cruise ship this size is the biggest food operation in the world’.

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