Meet the stormtrooper SPIDERS: Six newly discovered species are named after the cloned soldiers from Star Wars because they all look the same

Scientists have discovered a new spider genus that were so alike in both size and markings, that they were named after the Stormtroopers in Star Wars.

The new genus, called Stormtropis, belong to a family of bald-legged spiders, which are native to South America and Central America.

But, the six new spiders are among the very first bald-legged spiders recorded in Colombia.

The family are described as small to medium-sized species that look very similar to each other and their remarkable ability for camouflage.

The previously unknown species have been described by Dr. Carlos Perafan and Dr. Fernando Perez-Miles of the Universidad de la Republica.

Four of the new spiders were unable to fit into any already existing genus, so the scientists had to create the new name, which in reference to the Galactic Empire’s soldiers in the popular Sci-fi franchise.

Like the Stormtroopers, the spiders “are very similar to each other, with some capacity for camouflage”.

According to the study, the newfound spiders are also alike in being somewhat clumsy.

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