Samsung is thought to be developing a new smart shirt with built in sensors that can diagnose diseases through your smartphone.   

The technology uses sensors can make extensive lung function readings by detecting sound from the organs and providing diagnosis and advice, LetsGoDigital reports.

The Korean manufacturing giant have respiratory diseases can be diagnosed as well as the frequency and strength of breath can be measured. 

A number of different diagnoses can be made including pneumonia and bronchitis, but also chronic lung diseases such as asthma and COPD are recognised

According to a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the technology takes your health history into account along with your Body Mass Index.

To get the correct diagnosis, the user’s age, gender, weight and height are taken into account along with their medical history.  

The sensors connect to the smartphone, so the user can read the diagnosis, like ‘pneumonia symptoms’ or ‘respiratory infection’ on the screen.

Based on the result, advice is then given, varying from preventive to emergency measures.

It has already introduced their smart suit last year and a smart skating suit with which the Dutch short trackers could train for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. 

Last month they released Samsung smart shoes, which gives athletes real-time feedback on their training performance.

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