Robots are increasingly picking up the slack in package distribution centers.

Honeywell and Siemens have unveiled new machines that are capable of autonomously ferrying packages from the tractor trailer to the fulfillment center with surprising accuracy, according to Bloomberg.

It comes as consumers increasingly expect two-day or even same-day delivery, causing shipping companies to embrace automation as a solution to meet the spike in demand.

Both Honeywell and Siemens’ robot unloaders drive up to the back of a tractor trailer and use machine learning to identify packages.

And, the companies say their machines work just as fast, if not faster, than human employees.

For example, it takes Siemens’ robotic unloader about 10 minutes to empty a tractor trailer, whereas it would take one person up to an hour to move the boxes, according to Bloomberg.

Honeywell said its device is capable of unloading packages at a rate of 1,500 cases per hour.

Its machine works via an apparatus that extends into the back of the truck, scooping the packages up using a conveyor belt.

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