Teresa Giudice threatened to attack Jackie Goldschneider on Wednesday’s RHONJ reunion show after calling her a ‘stalker’ and ‘cold-hearted b****.’

‘You are on the Teresa show,’ the 46-year-old original castmember warned in a fiery exchange during the first of the three-part reunion specials.

‘Anyone who goes against me, you see them here in this room anymore? No, they’re not here anymore. I want you to come at me,’ Teresa hissed.

The feud turned nasty after Teresa bragged about being a ‘New York Times bestselling author’ compared to Jackie as a ‘f***ing blogger.’

‘You didn’t even write your book,’ Jackie snapped back. ‘I met the ghostwriter. You didn’t write a word of it.’

‘Really, b****? You wanna make a bet? Yes, I did. I was in jail – jail,’ Teresa shouted, before grabbing host Andy Cohen’s notes and trying to throw them at her rival.

The episode ended mid-throw, with a teaser for part two showing Jackie sneering: ‘You gonna throw something at me, Teresa, really? Aren’t you on parole?’

From the start, Teresa was openly hostile to Jackie, raising her eyes whenever she spoke.

She finally went on the attack, pulling up a photo on her phone showing her rival and her twin sons posing with her at a book signing.

‘You want to be me. That’s why you’ve been following me for 10 years,’ Teresa insisted, repeatedly calling her a ‘stalker.’

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