A ‘triple toilet seat’ from London in the 12th century that allowed locals to defecate directly into  a cesspit near Fleet Street is going on display.

The triple toilet seat once sat above the banks of the River Fleet which runs under the streets of north London from Camden into the River Thames and is known as  the capital’s ‘lost river’.

The artefact headlines an impressive haul of items set to go on display at The Museum of London Dockland’s latest exhibition.

It also includes Bronze Age weapons, a handmade punch bowl made of Derby porcelain and an ancient dog’s collar.

A replica of the toilet seat will be available for ‘selfie opportunities’ in the hall of the museum, based in Poplar.

Thomas Ardill, Curator of Paintings, Prints and Drawings at the Museum, said: ‘London’s rivers are the life blood of the city and reveal so many surprising stories about the capital.

‘The diverse range of art on display in the exhibition will reveal how influential these rivers have been throughout history to artists and poets alike, and highlight the traces they have left behind.’

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