Schools have beefed up security and police are warning the public amid fears a knifeman who attacked four random victims in London may still be at large.

A 45-year-old woman is fighting for her life and two men in their 20s remain in hospital after a knifeman attacked people walking alone in Edmonton, in the north of the capital, during a 14-hour rampage on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Schools in the area have brought in extra security today and police have urged anyone walking on their own through the area to take extra care.

Patrols were stepped up as detectives questioned two men, one of whom is in his 40s, on suspicion of GBH after they issued a description of a suspect as a tall, slim black man, possibly wearing a hood.

But investigators are said to be unsure whether either of the men in custody is the knifeman and are therefore encouraging caution from those in the area.

Roger Blackman was first on the scene to the final of the four stabbings and saw the attacker run off, leaving the victim with blood pouring from a wound.

Speaking to MailOnline last night, he said: ‘I heard a scream, I looked to my right, I saw a guy run off, then another scream. I saw blood pouring out of the back of him, I went to my van to get some towels to stem the flow.

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