Extradition specialist Karen Todner in high court battle with One Legal Services

One of the country’s top criminal lawyers failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of pounds of debts owed by her firm when she offloaded the business in 2016, according to allegations in a high court claim.

Karen Todner, who helped to fight US extradition requests on behalf of the alleged Nasa hackers Gary McKinnon and Lauri Love, is accused along with her advisers in a civil claim of hiding a series of liabilities, including allowing her former firm to write £275,000 worth of cheques which were then stored in an office drawer instead of being sent to payees.

According to court filings made by One Legal Services, the company that acquired Todner’s firm, Kaim Todner, three years ago, the concealed cheques had the effect of disguising unpaid debts and “but for such a practice the company would have appeared to be plainly insolvent”.

The allegations against Todner, who is contesting the claim, represent a blow to the public image of the solicitor, who is a former vice-president of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. She is best known for her work helping prevent the extraditions of McKinnon and Love to the US, where they were wanted on charges of hacking US government computer systems. Then home secretary, Theresa May, announced in 2012 that McKinnon would not be extradited, while Love’s appeal against extradition was upheld by the high court last year.

She also represented Tom Hayes, the Libor rigger, during his submission to the criminal cases review commission in 2017.

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