Britain and other countries are treating the oceans ‘like a sewer’ as the amount of plastic in the world’s seas is expected to treble by 2025, MPs warn.

The Government was accused of an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude to the seas and was urged to instead take the lead on plastic, pollution and ocean protection.

Plastic litter, untreated sewage, fertilisers and heavy metals, is pouring into the oceans, Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee warned.

It said Britain can do a lot more to stop plastic ending up in the ocean via rivers sewers and drains.

Around 80 per cent of waste dumped in the sea worldwide comes from the land. 

The UK needs to stop exporting waste to countries with poor recycling infrastructure – with the risk it ends up in the sea.

It must also improve recycling in the UK to stop rubbish ending up in the sea from rivers in this country.

The Daily Mail has led the way by campaigning for bans on plastic microbeads in cosmetics and for a levy on plastic bags to reduce plastic pollution.

This paper is also calling for a deposit return scheme to stop plastic bottles ending up being burnt or in landfill, or polluting the environment.

Target dates for the UK to improve its performance at recycling plastic need to be brought forward.

At present, the country has a target to produce zero avoidable plastic waste by 2042, and to introduce a bottle return scheme by 2023. The panel urges that both dates should be brought forward.

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