People are risking their health by indulging in honey and other sugar alternatives after being misled into the belief they are healthier, campaigners have warned.

Specialist honey such as Manuka, agave syrup, cane or brown sugars and coconut sugar are often falsely advertised as being a better choice than table sugar.

But these ‘natural sugars’ still come under ‘free sugars’, which adults are meant to limit to no more than 30g a day.

Consumers are often unaware that products like honey are just as high in sugar as table sugar and are therefore eating them in ‘excessive’ quantities,¬†Action on Sugar said.

Breakfast cereals and bars that boast honey as an ingredient can still be sweetened with up to 25 times more table sugar or other syrups, analysis found.

High street coffee chains such as Pret a Manger, Leon and EAT promote honey as part of their ‘healthy’ porridge offering which all adds to a person’s maximum free sugars intake.

Yet to reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, various cancers, liver disease and tooth decay we need to cut down on sugars from any source.

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