The U.S. military is making preparations for the possible downfall of Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, a top Navy admiral has said.

Defense chiefs have drawn up plans to restore the South American country’s infrastructure if Maduro is toppled in the coming days.

The Pentagon has downplayed talk of pre-emptive military action to topple Maduro but said it had carried out ‘exhaustive planning’.

Admiral Craig Faller insisted that the U.S. wanted a peaceful transfer of power but declared that his Southern Command was ready for any scenario.

He said his military staff had made ‘Day Now’ plans to prepare for an immediate change of power as opposition leader Juan Guaido tries to topple Maduro.

‘We call it Day Now because there is going to be a day when the legitimate government takes over, and it’s going to come when we least expect it – and it could be right now,’ Faller said.

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