Sacking MP Fiona Onasanya has finally had her £77,000 salary stopped but she already cost the taxpayer more than £1million, it was revealed today.

Onasanya, who has compared herself to Moses, was finally stripped of her Parliamentary seat last night – three months after she was jailed for perverting the course of justice.

The 35-year-old was dramatically kicked out after disgusted voters in her Peterborough constituency came forward to sign a by-election petition, with the poll expected on June 6.

Onasanya would not be entitled to severance pay because she has served for less than two years as an MP, but will get a petition.

But refusal to quit despite being jailed has allowed her to rake in more than £19,000 in pay over the last three months.

And taxpayers will be hit with a bill of £500,000 to fund the costs of running the petition and election next month, on top of the £500,000 public bill to run her initial trial and retrial.

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