The Jacksons have yet another member entering the family business.

On Saturday night (March 30), Michael Jackson’s second child Paris and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, played their first public show as the Soundflowers at The Mint in Los Angeles — and there was very little trace of her father’s penchant for funk, soul or R&B.

Instead, the Soundflowers deal in delicate, earnest folk-rock that has more in common with “Scarborough Fair” than “Smooth Criminal.” They also dress the part, taking to the stage barefoot, wearing matching, round-lens tinted glasses and rocking neo-hippie chic. It might be the reason that Jackson used a scarf to cover the arm tattoo of her father’s eyes (lifted from his 1991 album, Dangerous) for the night.

The intimate, mostly seated venue was packed with the duo’s friends and family. Jackson’s older brother Prince Michael, mother Debbie Rowe, cousin TJ Jackson and Godfather Macauley Culkin all turned out. Jackson’s friend Chris Brown also watched quietly from one booth.

Jackson and Glenn have been together since 2018, and much of the set felt like a window into the couple’s relationship. Sentimental opener “Glorious” was a song that Glenn wrote for Jackson as a Christmas present. During another tender moment, Glenn turned to face Jackson, delivering “Invincible” directly to her. She returned the PDA with a gentle kiss to the delight of the crowd.

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