A paedophile’s throat was cut by his drinking partner after he bragged about sexually abusing a six-year-old, a court has heard.

Christopher McMahon, 48, left David Potter, 50, for dead face down on the floor of his flat in Tooting, south London, after repeatedly stabbing him in the early hours of August 21 last year, the Old Bailey was told.

Mr Potter, who had convictions for sex offences against children, was found dead five days later after police forced entry to his property when a friend became concerned.

The jury was told that after the incident, McMahon went to his on-off partner’s house still soaked in his alleged victim’s blood and told her: ‘I’ve done it.’

Prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse QC told jurors: ‘Mr McMahon said he had slit a man’s throat and indeed he had.’

She said McMahon told his partner the man was a paedophile who told him he had molested a six-year-old.

‘Mr McMahon admits he was the person who stabbed Mr Potter to death,’ Ms Whitehouse told jurors.

‘The question for you will be why Mr McMahon did that.’

The court heard McMahon had been in possession of a Stanley knife at his girlfriend’s flat a few days before the alleged murder.

On the night of August 20, he was drinking at Mr Potter’s small studio apartment above a convenience store, where he lived alone, while another man left in the early hours of the following day.

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