She’s gearing up for the first live shows of BBC talent show, The Greatest Dancer this weekend.

And Oti Mabuse took to her Instagram Stories on Friday night, to confess that she was ‘nervous’ because she ‘loves her acts so much’ and ‘won’t sleep,’ because she’s so ‘excited’.

The South African dancer, 28, shared numerous videos of herself talking to camera, comparing her current nerves to those she experiences during Strictly Come Dancing.

Whilst sat clad in an orange jumper and beige beanie, she said: ‘So it has been a very, very long four weeks. Tomorrow is the first official live show for The Greatest Dancer, and I am nervous.

‘Now, when on Strictly when I’m nervous, what happens is: I don’t sleep – but it’s normal. All the pros, we care a lot, and we care about one person, because we work with one celebrity.

‘And, you’re always changing the choreography, because it needs to match to them, and it needs to look good.

‘Even if they’ve danced before of they haven’t danced before, you still get pretty nervous, because there’s so much pressure and they could mess it up, because they haven’t done this.

Oti then admitted: ‘Now, The Greatest Dancer is completely different, because you have people, kids, acts that can dance, you just have to show a difference. A difference between the auditions, and they have to look completely different.

‘They have to show improvement, they have to show that they’ve worked hard and they’ve gotten better, and I somehow still feel those nerves.

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