Notebook, starring Pranutan Bahl and Zaheer Iqbal, reminds you of old-world romance. Nitin Kakkar’s directorial venture is a must watch for die-hard romantics.

Remember playing FLAMES on the last page of your notebook? The innocent love that was tucked secretly within the pages of the school books? Nitin Kakkar’s Notebook draws you back to those times. When we didn’t swipe right on Tinder to find love or slid into each other’s DMs for late-night chats. Instead, we waited patiently day after day for them to make their way to the classroom.

However, Kakkar’s classroom is unlike any. It is set in a secluded school on the Wular Lake in Kashmir, with only seven students to call its own. But there is a twist. The innocent budding romance is not between any of the classmates; instead, between two teachers in this godforsaken slice of paradise, who have never met each other.

Based on Thai film A Teacher’s Diary, Notebook tells the story of Kabir Kaul (Zaheer Iqbal), an ex-army officer who decides to join his dad’s school as a teacher. With no professional training in teaching, he finds it hard to deal with the kids, and that’s when Firdaus’s (Pranutan Bahl) diary comes to his rescue. A diary that is left behind by the previous teacher in the desk drawer.

The diary opens the door to Firdaus’s story, and Kabir cannot stop falling irreversibly in love with her.

Nitin Kakkar of Filmistan fame paints the canvas of an unusual love story with colours of love, laughter of kids and the beauty of Kashmir. A special mention to director of photography Manoj Kumar Khatoi for making each frame of Notebook nothing less than a painting. From the hues of Chinar to the calmness of the lake to the sounds of the shikara, Khatoi manages to encapsulate the magical beauty of Kashmir in every scene.

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