Plotter behind acid attack on friend’s three-year-old son in Home Bargains store is brutally beaten by inmates after being locked up for 12 years

A man who plotted an acid attack against a three-year-old boy has been battered by inmates on three occasions since he was jailed.

Jabar Paktia, who was slapped with a 12-year sentence for planning to spray sulphuric acid on the child, has been set upon by other prisoners since the July 21 attack.

Defending lawyer Balraj Bhatia told Worcester Crown Court his client Paktia had ‘significant injuries’ after he was attacked by prisoners.

‘He has been attacked on three separate occasions in custody, receiving significant injuries as a result,’ Metro reported Mr Bhatia as saying.

He added: ‘He accepts he has been injured and may continue to be injured.’

Paktia, 42, from Newhampton Road, Wolverhampton, was part of a sickening plot involving the child’s father.

They hoped to make the boy’s mother look incapable of caring for him – to halt her ongoing divorce battle dating back to 2016.

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