How college admissions scandal mastermind bribed coaches for his scheme

The college prep adviser behind a nationwide admissions scandal allegedly helped a dad bribe his 5-foot-5 son into the University of Southern California — as a basketball recruit.

Californian Toby MacFarlane was allegedly one of many parents who paid William Singer to get his kids into the college by bribing corrupt coaches to fast-track their admission as athletes — even though they never played for the school.

Singer in 2016 directed the college’s former assistant soccer coach, Laura Janke, to create a bogus profile for MacFarlane’s son, saying he was 6-foot-1 and had been playing on his high school’s varsity basketball team since 2014, prosecutors allege.

In fact, the teen only made varsity in his senior year — and a personal statement drafted by Singer, but ultimately never sent, said he was actually 5-foot-5, according to court documents.

The boy was accepted as a basketball recruit and attended the school briefly before withdrawing in May 2018 — but never played basketball.

Singer had earlier got MacFarlane’s daughter into the college as a soccer recruit, falsely claiming she was a “US Club Soccer All American” in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades, court documents allege.

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