Butlin’s has officially opened a new £40million swimming pool at its Bognor Regis resort, which boasts a 24ft-tall helter-skelter ride, a wave pool and multi-coloured beach huts.

The 6,300-square-metre (68,000 square feet) pool, called Splash, can accommodate up to 1,000 guests and has been filled with over 600,000 litres of water and decorated with more than two million tiles.

The pool complex also has slides that look like sticks of candy rock and side-by-side racer slides, plus a colourful 328ft-long ‘Seaside Garden Rapids’ ride that starts inside then goes outside, an ‘adrenaline flume’ and a family-fun raft ride.

The pool’s stand-out feature is perhaps the helter-skelter water ride, though, which Butlin’s says is a ‘world first’ and almost as high as two double-decker buses.

Butlin’s says that the wave pool is family friendly and that ‘when the music blasts out, it comes alive accompanied by a suitably water-based soundtrack’.

It added that there are also quieter areas, which include a sun lounger zone.

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