NASA has created a cutting-edge wing which will allow the space agency to create a plane capable of changing shape mid-flight.

The real-life transformer is still a concept but would be able to manipulate its form in order to control its flight.

A combination of stiff and flexible components allow it to deform at the will of its pilot.

The innovative wing incorporates a mix of stiff and flexible components, which make it possible to deform the whole wing.

It is lighter and more flexible than existing designs due to a clever mechanism which involves bolting separate components withing the structure to its immediate neighbours.

A lattice structure is then formed of cube-like structures and allows it to be far lighter than current alternatives.

The wing material then has a density of 5.6kg per cubic metre, while rubber has a density of about 1,500kg per cubic metre.

It is designed to make use of different configurations specifically optimised for different parts of flight, including take-off, cruising and landing.

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