An angry mother has revealed her fury after her four-year-old daughter was barred from boarding a bus as her Peppa Pig scooter could be used as a ‘weapon’.

Holly Chapman, 28, claims she and her daughter Autumn Keeley were told they could not board with the scooter as it was dangerous to other passengers. 

After complaining at a nearby bus station, she claims she was told to ‘review her parenting’ by another employee and that scooters should be left ‘on the playground’.

Bus firm┬áCoach Services admitted its driver should have described the scooter as a hazard and not a ‘weapon’, adding that the pair were eventually allowed on board.

Miss Chapman, of Brandon, Suffolk, said: ‘He took the first person on and she had a trolley. Autumn then got on and he looked at me and said “We have got a problem”.

‘I said “oh, what’s wrong?”, and he said he couldn’t let us on because she has a scooter and it is classed as a weapon.

‘I said “are you joking?” and he said “no, I’m serious”.’

Miss Chapman claimed that she and Autumn had been on one of the company’s other buses with the scooter earlier in the day.

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