A mother who had to wear a hat to hide her orange-sized cyst on her head has had it drained of yellow liquid by Dr Pimple Popper. 

Viewers love to watch as Dr Sandra Lee, AKA Dr Pimple Popper, oozes puss from various growths, cysts and spots, and the latest story did not disappoint. 

Irais, whose surname is unknown, came to Dr Lee with what the doctor described as a ‘serious fatty bump on her head’.

It had started as a zit, Irais, who lives in Laguana Hills, California, explained, but had soon grown to almost the same size as her hand.

The bizarre bump oozed a runny substance when it was cut into, leaving Irais with a new shaped head and confidence.

The episode was episode three of season two, titled ‘The Last Unicorn,’ with three patients all suffering with conditions.

Spanish-speaking Irias, from Mexico, came to see Dr Lee with her cousin Gil, from Acapulco, who translated her story for the viewers.

‘Like many of us, she is here for the American Dream,’ she said.

But her dreams are being held back by the sack-like bulge on her scalp. 

Gil said: ‘At first, she thought it was just a zit.

‘It just kept growing and growing. She hasn’t been able to save money to see a doctor, because she has to buy the essentials for her young daughters.’

Irais is forced to wear a hat or bandanna to hide the lump, causing serious issues with her self-confidence. 

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