When it comes to who should get credit for denuclearization talks with North Korea, South Korean leader Moon Jae-in has specifically pointed the finger toward one man.

“President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize,” Moon told reporters last April, in one of many moments of flattery toward the U.S. leader.

A new poll, however, shows that many South Koreans would not agree. According to the survey, conducted in late December by Hankook Research for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 31 percent of South Koreans thought that Trump had a greater impact than Moon on bringing North Korea to the table for denuclearization talks.

Comparatively, almost 6 out of 10 said that Moon had a greater impact on talks than Trump did; a further 5 percent said they had an equal impact.

The poll was released as there is renewed activity on denuclearization talks between the United States and North Korea, after months of relative inaction. Former North Korean spy chief Kim Yong Chol is in Washington on Friday, and it is widely expected that the United States may soon announce a second summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The hope is that a second summit might kick-start the practical side of North Korean denuclearization and clear the impasse that has taken hold since Trump met with Kim in Singapore last June, amid a number of separate inter-Korean summits between Moon and Kim.

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