Missy Elliott has been named in a lawsuit from an author who claims she used her picture without permission for the cover of her 2016 single Pep Rally.

Jodi Pliszka, who penned the 2007 book Bald is Beautiful about her life as an author, inventor and Alopecia survivor, told a court that Elliott used an image from a photo shoot she did, according to TMZ.

Pliszka has also named Elliott’s label Atlantic Records in the case, in which she’s requesting unspecified damages, according to the outlet. 

It could be a potential legal headache for Elliott, who was also named in a suit (along with Timbaland) in November from a man named Terry Williams who claimed he’d never been compensated for his work on the 1996 song Heartbroken from the late artist Aaliyah, that Missy wrote and Timbaland produced.

In court docs, according to the outlet, Williams, said that he was a writer and producer on the single – which they had worked on around 1994 and 1995 – and never authorized giving it to Aaliyah to release.

Williams said he and Elliott had already come to a pact that they would both profit from the sales of the track (from the late artists’s One In A Million record).

Elliott’s team told TMZ that ‘there is not now and never was any ‘agreement’ between’ her and Williams.

As the exclusive owner of her own lyrics and vocals that she created, Missy is not obligated to pay Terry Williams money,’ a rep for the Work It singer said. ‘These claims against Missy are completely meritless and without any basis in fact or law.’

The rep said that Williams’ ‘original scheme … was devised to artificially extract money from Missy by exploiting the fact that Terry Williams, in his capacity as a music producer, happened to have recordings of Missy from more than 20 years ago.’

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