They’re both set to be performing separately at the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

But perhaps there could be a surprise collaboration, with Miley Cyrus and Shawn Mendes rumored to be collaborating together.

Eagle eyed fans of the 26-year-old were quick to see the name of the teen heartthrob and his guitars in the back of her photo.

TMZ reported on Wednesday that: ‘Miley Cyrus and Shawn Mendes are hard at work putting the finishing touches on a new single together.’

Adding: ‘Sources familiar with the project tell us the song will drop in the coming weeks and is likely to end up as a track on Miley’s new album.’

Tuesday evening saw Nothing Breaks Like A Heart singer Miley pose with some guitars and amps during a Grammy Awards rehearsal session.

‘Boy shawns guitar,’ wrote one fan on the image, while another added: ‘I SEE SHAWNS GUITAR PLS OMG.’

And in another series of photos uploaded on Wednesday morning, Shawn’s guitars were once again seen in the background.

Miley also spent the past 24 hours sharing throwback photos for her 82.5 million fans on her Instagram Stories.

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