Ellen DeGeneres pulled off an unplanned double surprise when Michael Buble appeared on her show on Friday.

She sent the crooner, 43, to a grocery store near the studios in Burbank, Los Angeles to sell flavored sparkling water bubly and be a cashier.

The host had hidden cameras trained on him as she told him what to do via an earpiece. But the surprise was on them when one of his first customers turned out to be Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet.

It was a sheer coincidence, but Ellen made the most of it, telling Michael to ask his customer, ‘Are you the guy from Modern Family?’

The 47-year-old admitted he was but quickly realized things weren’t quite right, saying: ‘I smell something awry at my Handy Market.’

And when the ‘cashier’ asked for a hug, Eric said: ‘Wait? It’s Michael Buble!’ as the studio audience burst into gails of laughter.¬†

Ellen invited Michael, Eric and a shopper called Teny who also got the Buble treatment back to the show.

There, Michael admitted he thought Ellen was ‘reverse punking’ him with Eric.

Plus, for being a good sport, Ellen surprised Teny with $1,000, courtesy of bubly.

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