She’s played everything from April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to a demonic cheerleader in Jennifer’s Body.

But things are getting gritty for Megan Fox’s latest role as she prepares to portray war correspondent Marguerite Higgins for gritty Korean War movie The Battle Of Jangsari.

Spotted on set, Megan sported a blonde, bobbed wig, and a face of very pale make-up – a vast change to her natural raven locks and her typically bronzed complexion.

She wore a khaki shirt and carried a leather satchel over her body for her portrayal as the New York Herald Tribune journalist.

The star wore a blue bomber jacket over her shoulders and warmed her hands on the chilly shoot, which is taking place in the city of Chuncheon.

Marguerite Higgins reported during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, and in the process advanced the cause of equal access for female war correspondents..

The actress, 32, is known for her sleek, dark tresses and sultry performances; yet she takes on a whole new look for her latest flick, which is currently shooting in South Korea.

After her success at the New York Herald Tribune until 1963 she went on to pen a syndicated column for Newsday.

She was the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for Foreign Correspondence awarded in 1951 for her coverage of the Korean War – which is what Megan portrays in her movie. 

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