Elon Musk has lifted the veil on his ‘radically redesigned’ Raptor engine, which will one day power the Super Heavy rocket and Starship on missions to the moon and beyond.

The SpaceX CEO shared footage on Twitter from the first test firing of the Raptor rocket engine this weekend and provided an update the capabilities that will help it ‘reach the moon as fast as possible.’

It comes just days after Musk’s Starship prototype was knocked over by 50mph winds in Texas and suffered extensive damages.

SpaceX has been developing the Raptor engine over the last few years as part of its plan to eventually send tourists to Mars.

Back in December, Musk tweeted that he had redesigned the engine.

The latest images show just how large a single Raptor is, with an engineer standing next to it completely dwarfed by its size.

And, the Super Heavy rocket is expected to require as many as 31 of these engines.

‘Initially making one 200 metric ton thrust engine common across ship & booster to reach the moon as fast as possible,’ Musk tweeted alongside the footage from the recent tests.

‘Next versions will split to vacuum-optimized (380+ sec Isp) & sea level-thrust optimized (~250 ton).’

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