The son of Paul Scholes has been pictured arriving with his father as the teenager prepares to be sentenced for assault.

Arron Scholes, 19, was seen entering Tameside Magistrates’ Court this morning after his conviction for beating 21-year-old Robert Kemper.

He left his victim with blood shot eyes and bruises all over his face after the unprovoked attack on the day of England’s 2-1 victory over Tunisia in last year’s World Cup.

Arron Scholes has been found guilty of beating up the former school friend then taking pictures of his injuries during a ‘happy slap-style’ attack.

During the attack at the Granby Arms in Uppermill, Greater Manchester, Mr Kemper – who was drunk – was seen lying flat on his back and offering no resistance while Scholes beat him about the face

The incident occurred on June 18 last year after Mr Kemper had been drinking heavily after watching world cup match with friends.

The teenager – eldest of three children to the Old Trafford favourite – was then seen ‘jumping up and down and laughing hysterically’ before taking a picture of the victim’s injuries on his mobile phone.

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