So, is Corbett and rogue cop or a good one? If we believe what he says, Ted Hastings is almost certainly a wrong ’un. It’s all enough to make your head spin

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Spoiler alert: this blog is for people watching series five of Line of Duty (it also contains spoilers from earlier series). Don’t read on unless you have watched episode two.

Curse you Jed Mercurio. Usually my head doesn’t start to spin until about episode four, but the Line of Duty creator is obviously feeling particularly malevolent this series. We’re only two episodes in and already the potential double-crosses are piled higher than Steve Arnott’s fetching collection of fitted waistcoats.

The bad guys

The key question, of course, is who is DS John Corbett really?

Is he a rogue cop intent on seizing control of a criminal gang (or OCG – organised crime group, as I suppose we must say)? Or a good cop on a mission to eradicate corruption from the force? Does he worship “money, power, respect” as he told Lisa McQueen? Or, as he told Arnott, is he “a straight arrow … carrying all of this on my own?” Is he manipulating McQueen, or setting up Arnott? Could he be planning to play them off against each other?

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