A familiar name rang out — at least to movie-sound insiders — when the Oscar nominations were unveiled Jan. 22: The nominees for sound editing included Benjamin A. Burtt, nominated along with Steve Boeddeker for his work on Black Panther. But though the surname was familiar, the whole name was also a new one to the Oscar rolls. For this Burtt wasn’t the Ben Burtt who created the voice of R2D2 and has earned four Oscars, but his son Benjamin A. Burtt, who, at 34, has just received his first Oscar nomination.

The Burtts, pere and fils, both work at Skywalker Sound, but even before they both headed to work that morning, the senior Burtt sent his son a text saying how proud he was, especially since he’d never imagined that he would follow the same career path. “Sorry, I’m choking up thinking about it,” the younger Burtt says, recounting the moment, “but honestly, it was the best thing.”

In retrospect, the Black Panther nominee’s career path probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise. He grew up in Northern California around movies, but he really got a taste of working in sound when he was in high school and helped his famous father on Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones. “We went down to Australia for the filming,” he recalls. “To keep me busy, my dad gave me his recorder and sent me around to collect various sounds. He had a list of things he wanted me to gather. I recorded the monorail in Sydney, various ambulances, the malls and shops at Fox Studios. I hung around the set to try to collect George [Lucas] yelling ‘action.’ ”

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