They are the lovable My Kitchen Rules duo whose macadamia cookies took supermarkets across Australia by storm, earlier this week.

But amid their success, Lyn Ellbourne has taken a more sombre tone while discussing how she and school teacher Sal Caputo came to be on the show.

It was when one of Lyn’s close friends Jen tragically died that she decided to apply.

‘The year before last I applied to go on with a friend,’ the 60-year-old told New Idea.

‘It was one of those nights when we were reminiscing and because we all loved cooking we thought “let’s do it for Jen”.’

But the MKR star said another friend wasn’t able to appear on the Channel Seven show with her in the end.

Lyn revealed it was too short notice for her to find a replacement, but a year later producers gave her a call back offering her another shot at the 2019 season.

‘I was telling the girl at work and she said to ask Sal so I asked him and he was like, “OK” and that’s how it eventuated,’ she said.

The pair have helped bring the small town of Port Pirie to national attention with their run on season 10 of the show.

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