Les Moonves, the ex-CBS boss who got bounced last fall amid a slew of sexual misconduct allegations, is fighting the company’s decision to deny him a $120 million severance package.

The disgraced media mogul — moving ahead with plans for a counter-attack that were first reported by The Post last month — will make his case in arbitration, which is allowed under the terms of his exit agreement, according to a Thursday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CBS’ board of directors last month ousted Moonvesafter it determined Moonves had violated company policies and deliberately tried to thwart a three-month investigation into his conduct while at the company.

A summary of the findings of the investigation, which was leaked to the New York Times, divulged lurid details of Moonves wielding his power in exchange for oral sex with at least four employees, as well as anecdotes that he destroyed evidence of his misdeeds and evaded investigators.

Sources told The Post last month that lawyers for Moonves saw the leaks to the Times as an opening for their strategy to claw back the severance, arguing that the leaks broke a confidentiality agreement.

“They think the leak is the dumbest thing they’ve ever seen,” one source said of Moonves’ lawyers at the time.

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