Late-night hosts didn’t mince words when they addressed President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on their shows on Monday.

Trump announced the measure on Friday to build his long-proposed border wall without the approval of Congress, which did not include the amount of funding that he wanted in its latest spending bill, passed Thursday. He called illegal immigration “an invasion of our country” in his announcement and added, “Sadly, we’ll be sued and sadly it will go through a process and happily we’ll win, I think.

On Monday a coalition of 16 states including California and New York filed a lawsuit to stop the diversion of funds to build the wall, arguing the president did not have the power to bypass Congress.

On The Late Show on Monday night, Colbert pointed out that the Frontera Audobon Society was among the groups that had filed suit against the “emergency.” “You do not want the birders mad at you,” Colbert joked. “Trump knows the birds have always had it out for him.” Colbert then showed the now-famous clip of Trump dodging a bald eagle while shooting a photograph for Time magazine in 2015.

Of Trump’s sing-songy voice when he noted that the national emergency declaration would likely face legal challenges, Colbert joked, “I can’t tell whether he was answering a question or reading his Torah portion.”

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