Labour today gloated that Jeremy Corbyn is forcing Theresa May to split the Tory party by refusing to take part in Brexit talks unless she rules out no deal.

Barry Gardiner said Mr Corbyn’s tactics would make the PM ‘break’ the Conservatives in order to get a deal through Parliament.

The extraordinary indication that Mr Corbyn is playing politics came as Tony Blairjoined condemnation of the veteran left-winger.

Mr Blair said it was wrong for the Opposition leader to snub a meeting with the premier at a ‘moment of national crisis’.

Mrs May held out an olive branch to political rivals last night after surviving a Labour bid to oust her, urging them to come to the table and help break the Parliamentary deadlock. 

But Mr Corbyn immediately rejected the invitation, saying he would not participate unless Mrs May ruled out a no-deal departure from the bloc in March. 

Tory and Opposition MPs pointed out that Mr Corbyn was willing to ‘sit down with terrorists’ without any preconditions – insisting his only aim was to seize power whatever the consequences for the country. 

Mr Gardiner boasted that Mrs May would have to risk splitting the Conservative Party to break the parliamentary deadlock.

‘If she wants to negotiate with all parties in Parliament, and if she wants to do that in good faith, she has to say ‘ok, I’m not sticking to every single one of the red lines that I’ve established’,’ he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

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