Kyle Richards isn’t one to hold back when it comes to telling her truth.

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star revealed why co-star Lisa Vanderpump didn’t attend the baby shower for Bravo host Andy Cohen after a reporter begged: ‘Is there any drama?’

And the 50-year-old reality star stunner simply told TMZ on Wednesday: ‘You have to pay her to come to the shower.’

During the interview with the outlet two days prior, the Real Housewives star said Lisa’s absence at the bash caused ‘drama’ and seemingly implied it had to do with her co-star wanting to get paid to attend.

However, she clarified her comments to TMZ in another interview on Friday.

‘When I was asked if there was drama at Andy’s shower I thought they were referring to something that happened AT the shower. Nothing to do with Lisa,’ began Kyle, as she attempted to clarify her comments.

‘They [paparazzi] asked if Lisa was holding out for money to attend the shower. Obviously that is not true. I thought that was obvious so I joked.’

On Wednesday, Kyle confirmed Lisa’s decision to skip Andy’s baby shower caused ‘drama’.

Asked ‘Is there any drama?’ she confirmed: ‘Well yeah. She was not there. And she queried: ‘Do we have to pay her to come to the shower? Maybe?’

Following her original comments on Wednesday, Lisa chatted with TMZ over the incident.

‘But what was it Kyle said? Something b**** right?’ Lisa asked the news outlet.

The restaurant entrepreneur said that she did in fact meet with Andy before the baby shower, and gave him a cashmere blue blanket and a teddy bear, and informed him that she would have to miss it as she would be in Vegas.

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