The Netflix film, which includes a number of intersecting storylines, follows Griffin (Apa) and Phoebe (Mitchell) as they fall in love the summer before they start college.

[The following story contains spoilers from The Last Summer.]

K.J. Apa and Maia Mitchell may be known for their roles as high school students on Riverdale and The Fosters, respectively, but the two take on post-grad life in the Netflix movie The Last Summer, which is now streaming.

The film features a number of intersecting storylines involving recent high school graduates as they prepare to head off to college. Apa and Mitchell star as Griffin and Phoebe, two classmates who reconnect and begin a romance after years of not talking. “It’s the last summer before college and all the characters are figuring out what they want to do,” Apa tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Mitchell describes Phoebe as “a very ambitious young woman,” as well as an aspiring filmmaker. “She’s in the phase of life between high school and college. She’s gotten into NYU, and she’s basically spending the summer making a documentary, so she’s very focused and very ambitious,” Mitchell adds of her character. “She’s not really looking for anything romantic and then along comes Griffin and her world is kind of spun upside down by him and their summer love affair.”

“Griffin is an aspiring musician. He’s really into his music. He’s kind of a goofy little guy,” Apa says about his character. “He’s taken aback when he sees Phoebe for the first time in a long time. After they see each other after all these years, their story kind of takes off.”

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