WePark is a radical rethinking of city space, which started in San Francisco and has spread as far afield as Toulouse, Bristol, LA and Portland

“If we were designing cities from scratch, would we choose to create the car-centric, parking-dominated spaces we have now?” asks Victor Pontis, the organiser of WePark. “Probably not.”

In response, Pontis decided to turn a public parking space near San Francisco City Hall into a temporary outdoor, co-working office space. Around a dozen people, including a handful of knowledge workers and at least two people between jobs, have arranged themselves in folding chairs around two portable tables.

Several workers slurp lunch from takeout cartons before heading back to their indoor offices. One young professional has brought documents to read in the sun before a meeting. Late in the day, a cyclist pal rides up and plops a candy bowl on a table, announcing: “Just like a real office!”

The San Francisco stunt went viral on social media and WePark groups have coalesced in Bristol, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, with plans to turn public parking spots into temporary office space in the weeks ahead.

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